Lace Bobbins

Lace Bobbins


I sell my bobbins worldwide and aim to provide great customer service.


"I have today received my bobbins. Thank you so much, they are beautiful, I will be back!" JT, England


"Received the bobbins today, they are lovely. Thanks so much". MN, USA.


"My bobbins arrived safely today. Your work is lovely! I'm looking forward to using mine and I'm sure my friend will be delighted with her 'tulips'". SS, Australia.


"The books were shipped on time and arrived in great condition, many thanks". DC, Canada


"Another great transaction, thank you". MV, New Zealand.


"Just wanted to say a really big thank you for the bobbins. They are delightful! The one you did of our cat is amazing. I will treasure it, and my memories of her". GH, England.


"Many thanks, the custom order is just what I was looking for". IA, Mexico.


"Mum was delighted by the gift of your bobbins. Can I order some more?" CC, Northern Ireland


"Delighted with the Chatelaine and Seam Ripper. They will make a great gift for my mother". AM, Spain.


"Very pleased, thank you very much"! OD, France.


"Delighted with the Mistletoe and Holly painted on bone bobbins". KM, USA.


"Plotadots - Can't wait to design with this set. The possibilities are infinate! MR", England.